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What Is Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a partly synthetic opiate drug used mainly as a painkiller and cough suppressant. There are thousands of products in the market containing hydrocodone. However, the addictiveness of hydrocodone implies that anything that contains this drug is really a controlled substance that cannot be acquired without a doctor's prescription.

Hydrocodone took over many codeine prescriptions that were once written. More than 139 million prescriptions are written every year which includes hydrocodone. Together with heroin and oxycodone, hydrocodone is among the most widely used opiate in USA.

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The Deadly Side Of Hydrocodone Abuse

Overuse of opiates like hydrocodone depress respiration, meaning they cause slow breathing and is certainly deadly. If it is abuse with other substances which affect breathing, like alcohol or diazepam, death can occur. Acetaminophen was apparently added into hydrocodone to detect abuse, since acetaminophen can harm the liver in high doses.

Helping Someone Addicted to Hydrocodone

Individuals that are hooked on hydrocodone need assistance to rebuild the self confidence that is destroyed by the drug addiction. With many years in rehabilitation, those hooked on opiates or any other drugs are able to go home after a drug rehab program at Hydrocodone Rehab Center. We offer comprehensive drug rehab programs which provide our patients the various tools they require to live a sober drug free life.

It is always hard to admit one’s addiction or intervene into a loved one’s life to stop them from destroying it. We urge you to take that first step and Call toll free hotline at
(877) 977-9446. An accredited rehab expert will assist you in determining the right program for your level of dependency. All calls are confidential and assessments are provided without any obligations and free of cost.

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